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This is a symptom you get when you are too drunk or high to converse with others at a party. When people try to talk to you, you can't focus on the words long enough to make sense of what they are saying. Interacting with others is similar to listening to a radio with a bad connection where you only catch every other word and it sounds very fuzzy. If your radio connection is faulty, you will be very happy and floating on calm seas, but no one will like you because you won't be able to understand what anyone is saying.
Hey man how was the party?

It was chill as fuck man, I had a faulty radio connection after I took a dozen bong rips. I just listened to music and did interpretive dancing in the living room for 5 hours. Everyone got pissed that I wasn't talking to them but.... #worthit.
by Light a bong with a laser April 16, 2017
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