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1. An extremely fat lady that teaches piano lessons with a bird beside her squakking away. This person is usally old and dumb like a wounded buffalo beast. She will yell at you if you get one note wrong and her bird will yell at you the whole time and she will pay more attention to the bird.Also when she sings the song it sounds like your killing a buffalo. A good song reminding you of the fat lady with the bird is the song "They Can't Take That Away From Me" by Frank Sinatra.
Guy 1: Dude i just got done with the fat lady with the bird and she would stop being so annoying.
Guy 2: Aw Man that really stinks did you learn any thing?
Guy 1: Yea, bring a gun and some bird poison.

2. "The way you sing off key, the way you haunt my dreams, no they cant take that away from me" Frank Sinatra
by Peaknuckle May 26, 2006
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