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its somebody thats big fat && ugly that goes around sayin shes slim.she goes around sayin "im not fat,im just thick!" most of these gurls i have to admit are black.alot are white too.some of these ppl will go around wearin tube tops 10 sizes to big and short short short skirts.then guys all stare at them and they think its positive when its really negative because there not lookin at them sayin "oh shes so fine" there lookin @ her laughin and raggin on thats a fat bitch in denial
fat bitchez pretty friend:im sorry but i cant be seen with you if your wearin that tube top and that skirt. fatbitch in denial:why because your intimidated by my good looks? fat bitchez skinny friend:no because your big as shit fat bitch in denial: im not fat im just thick dammit!
by January 24, 2009
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