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Fat pikey

Fat pikeys. They are naturally fat, well built 'ish'. They are also gypsies they borrow everything and never pay there own phone bill. They are always short of cash but when they have it it's in great amounts and is spent on fags, booze and weed. They are funny and kind but never crash fags. They own a lot of cool stuff which is 78% of the time broken, fucked or stolen. They are usually found smoking in there room and trying to get there pile of shit xbox to work (they usually revert to there caveman self and try hitting it) They are also found in there caravan or at a friends. it will usually be Trainwreck's house. 68% of the time they do a lot of agricultural work and seem to never get paid. All in all FatPikey is a nice guy who is not at all reliable but are very useful to have in your life and all in all a great friend.
Guy 1: That guy is a cool guy but he didn't crash me a fag and has taken half my xbox games

Guy 2: what do you expect he's a Fat Pikey
by Nath178 January 23, 2014
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