Stemming from an anachronism : Future Anecdotal Situation Status or F.A.S.S is a word which has been bounding around the home counties and as far away as Norway. Gaining growing popularity as word given to a particularly memorable moment or situation. It effectively replaces previous sentences like: "I'll remember this moment for a long time yet and then talk about it to others" one can purely say "FASS". It has lead to a number of games: The game of FASS: a drawing game for groups, and a sub set of words using the same anachronistic method
"this is FASS"

"that was FASS"

"We are going to make this event FASS"

"It was SO FASS that it only just happened and yet this current conversation has been incorporated into the general FASSNESS of it all"
by Lake Kearney February 5, 2010
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An pro-noun used to describe someone in a corrective yet harsh tone.
"What is your fasse bibip going to bed for?"
by $tefen September 2, 2006
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A combination of "fanny" and "ass" usually with a little cartoon picture to go along with it that looks like an ill drawn ass.

1. Can be used as an insult against people who dont know what it means. Usually shouted across the room.

2. Can be used instead of a casual hello.

3. also appears as the drummers stage name. "Fabian Fasslift"
Fabian: "Hey you Fass!"
Maxx: "Awwww Sup!"

Maxx: "Dude cheack out that Fass!"
Fabian: " OMG SHIT!"
by MaxxMurderFabianFasslift March 20, 2010
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Sharing a face and ass simultaneously which is sexier than two elephant seals going at it.
"How's our fasses doing today?"
by KikenIMVU December 10, 2013
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The wrinkle that happens in between your eyes when too many girls sit on your face and their butt cheaks squeeze your forehead together.
Hunter your getting a Fass Wrinkle from all these girls.
by February 6, 2010
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when yo kids cum out yo willy very early on into sexual relations
sally: โ€œomg girl billy came last night in like 2 minutes!โ€

rebecca: โ€œbihh no way donny buss-fass last night too!!โ€
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