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A fashion clown is a person who is laughably clueless and hopelessly shallow, but attempts to use various fashionable associations in the form of supporting fashionable movements and owning fashionable products, to convince society (and themselves) that they are cultured, intelligent, creative, and generally a worldly person.

Fashion clowns are typically males between the ages of 18 and 35. They live in urban city centers and are commonly seen with a latte from Starbucks, a set of black framed glasses, an iPhone/MacBook, a gelled hair-do, a Breitling watch, and a black European-designed turtle neck. They drive hybrid vehicles, and play Wii.

A fashion clown is too clueless and shallow to develop and maintain any personal beliefs or values, so they instead follow whatever has been dubbed "fashionable" by the social elite. This leaves them prone to routinely contradicting themselves. For example, a fashion clown will routinely express their desire to protect the environment and their love of nature, while living on the 33rd floor of their apartment building in downtown San Francisco. Additionally, you'll see fashion clown driving a vehicle featuring a "hybrid" badge, but you will not see a fashion clown planting a tree.

Fashion clowns routinely disbelieve factually correct information that invalidates a fashionable association of theirs. Most have never heard of Climategate, Bilderburg, or anything requiring investigation past what is fed to society via the media.
- In the 2008 United States presidential election, all fashion clowns supported Senator Barack Obama, because it was fashionable to do so.

- The #1 reason people give for purchasing a hybrid vehicle, ahead of the supposed environmental benefits is because "it says something about me". Not surprising, as most hybrid vehicle owners are fashion clowns.

- Many web designers are fashion clowns. Their most common fashionable association is "web standards and accessibility". Additionally, Ruby on Rails is embraced by fashion clowns, which is why most Rails developers own MacBooks.

- The two cities with the highest FCPC (Fashion clowns per capita) are San Francisco, California and Toronto, Ontario.
by The anti-fashion-clown. January 17, 2010
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