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A gas attack that keeps u on ur toes. So much gas u think u gotta fart but when go to force out the pressure it shoots from a fierce fart to a roaring Belch with the same nasty smell.
Sam," Hey dude u know how to farphanoogin?"

Sam; " force out a fart bubble so hard that it blows it in to a belch that has the same smell as ur farts.
by Semmyslove September 15, 2016
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Deep gas bubble that makes u conflicted on lifting ur leg slightly or turning your head and hold a quick breath so ur spouse or guest doesn't get the bad leftover last meal consumed smell in their face. This confusion will not end quickly from suprise belches to the pressure dropping farts and don't say I'd rather suprise burp that fart because in this curious case both Odors from Both the mouth and toshie are smell ing exactly the Same... Ewwww
I swear this gas is a bad case of farphanoogin.

It's driving me crazy I can't stop it from either end and just cause it u though it felt fart don't mean try to spread ur cheeks. Mine backfired into a belch in my bosses face when I was trying to make it silent but deadly.
by Semmyslove September 15, 2016
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