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A farmer emoticon nearly identical to regular emoticons except these sport a fancy straw hat signified by the pound sign and a vertical bar as shown below

#|: )

The other features that can be added are listed below

#|:`) ---> piece of wheat in farmer's mouth
#|: 9 ---> farmer with dip in his lip (the 9 can be replaced with a 6 for a sad farmer with dip)
#|; ) ,==== ---> farmer with a shotgun
Hick 1 - Cletus I needs to tell ya something
Hick 2 - What is it Billy Bob?
Hick 1 - I just had a date with your sister and we are going to be exclusive
Hick 2 - #|>: ( ,====
Hick 1 - What is that?
Hick 2 - It's a farmer emoticon
Hick 1 - I don't get it
Hick 2 - That is me going to hunt your ass down!
by brown_muscles December 02, 2010
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