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An outdoor party in rural areas, usually including a bonfire, where invitees raid their parents medicine cabinets and combine them all into a big pot to share. Users frequently take "handfuls" at a time and wait for the unknown rush to hit them.
"Hey Tob, grab some of your Mom's percocet, Melinda's having a farm party tonight."
by Renay July 05, 2007
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1. A heterosexual activity conducted amongst non-single Dutch men consisting of getting each other off. (circle jerks, reach arounds, self masturbation,etc...)
This usually takes part in barn, shed, garage, etc..
Manly place, no women aloud ! ..but not gay !

2. Gay sounding situation, not perceived as gay by the participants, but highly so by others

Wife : What would you like for supper tonight honey ?
Husband : Sorry, I can't make it for supper tonight,
the fellas and I are having a farm party tonight.
Wife : Oh, you boys !!


Guy1 : I'll be right over for drinks, after the frat party.
Guy2 : Yeah ok sounds more like a farm party, bro.

Coolguy : Dude is that Justin Bieber on your playlist !? What's next, Farm Parties !
by Bbabs03 July 03, 2010
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