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Trying to define fantan is impossible.
Fantan is basically any possible word or combination of words which can be used in any possible context. Thats right, fantan is your designer Noun,Verb,Adjective,Adverb,Pronoun.
It can even be used as punctuation if need be.

Some use it to describe inner working of engines and motors, some use it instead of fuck, some use it to describe their favourite food, some use it instead of punctuation, Some use it as fightin words, Some use it instead of calling people using names.

Despite one or two possible disbelievers (branko) fantan can be used at any point at any time in a sentence and still make sense.
Example 1
Sentence: Hey man want to go get some chicken from KFC?
Or : Hey Fantan want to go get some fantan from fantan?
or : fantan man want to fantan some chicken from kfc fantan
or : Hey man fantan to get fantan fantan kfc fantan

Example 2
Hey John have you been to the Loft recently? their cookie and cream cake is awesome.
or: Hey Fantan have you been to the fantan fantan? their cookie and cream fantan is awesome.
or: Hey John fantan been to the loft fantan? their fantan and cream fantan is fantan.
or: John fantan loft fantan cream cake.

Example three
infinity divided by zero = fantan.
by danayh October 17, 2007
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