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a person who may be stupid and agrivating to the extreame degree. This person doesnt know where to put it.
stop being such a fannyarse!
by benoit March 15, 2005
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1. Adjective:
Usually an insult.

If you call someone a fanny arse and then they go look for the definition that would mean they are one.

It is usually used to illustrate that the victim is trying to win an arguement, mostly they are correct but only on technicallity of definitions and confusion.

2. Noun:
To have a fanny for an arse (or american), to have an arse in place of a fanny, also known as front butt or double butt.
victim: No that doesn't make sense, dinner could be lunch as well as dinner; but tea could also be dinner as well as a hot beverage you should say what you mean and not just mean what you say

loosing person: Yeah well you ware a fanny arse

victim: What is a fanny arse? I am going on Urban Dictionary to see what one is because I should always make every arguement be 100% correct

loosing person: That's right fanny arse, you go do that...
by Pope Preston September 21, 2009
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