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A fan legend is one of those people who's been listening to the band forever. They might have even listened to them before they were out, when they were still myspace bands or only known about in the area they originated. They aren't first jumpers who normally go after the good music and turn them mainstream or media, but they're the true, real fans who've been around forever.
Person 1: Hey, I love Bat Country!
Fan Legend: Have you heard any of Avenged Sevenfolds other songs?
Person 1: YEAH! I've heard them all! I've listened to them longer than anyone!
Fan Legend: Really? Name two...
Person 1: Ummmm...ummmmm...Bat Country..ummmmm..ummm...I don't remember the rest.
Fan Legend: How about Seize the Day? Unholy Confessions? Betrayed? Eternal Rest? Ever heard of them you friggin first jumper?!
by Twiztid Cowz June 28, 2006
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