besides meaning family, it also is used as a nickname for the most popular and most ghetto indoor swapmeet in san diego
I need some white tees, let's go to fambam.
by ren619 March 22, 2009
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A group of close knit friends that consider each other family.
Sima, Angela, Anna, Taylor, and Madie were a FamBam.
by swaaaaaaaaag February 26, 2013
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The politicly correct way to say you're fucking your cousin or close relative.
My cousin Bertha and and I are going to fambam out back.
by PeachyGringo September 23, 2017
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a boy/girl group of friends that once had fun at parties but now since they've all dated each other it's super awkward
"are you in fam bam"
"no i hate them though"
by member of fam bam June 07, 2018
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