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One who pretends to be vegetarian, but is in fact not; A fake vegetarian; One who claims to adhere to the vegetarian ethos when in certain company, but consumes animal products and meat otherwise.
Jose: I saw Lauren at Fuji Mountain last night-- but she was eating chicken teriyaki. Isn't she vegetarian?
Christie: That's what she tells everyone, but she's a total faketarian.
by sp00ki September 15, 2006
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One who views themselves as refraining from eating animal flesh but makes allowances for eating meat.
Human #1: I only eat meat on "special occasions"
Human #2: You're such a faketarian.
by C'mon remember... September 14, 2007
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Someone who (incorrectly) calls themselves a vegetarian dispite consuming fish or poultry.
Girl 1: Shrimp fried rice? I thought you were vegetarian!
Girl 2: Sometimes I eat seafood.
Girl 1: Oh. You're just another faketarian... typical.
by dope-1 October 10, 2006
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