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Noun/Adjective used to describe women that tend to have a fair amount of gay male friends. See also fag hag.
My friend JuneBug is my fairy collector.
by Lee May 06, 2004
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Normally a woman (can be a man to I guess) that loves or "collects" homosexual men as friends. A woman would more than likely wind up marry a gay man and maybe have children together (good ol turkey baster) but would still be "allowed" to have their "fun". These women could be heterosexual or homosexual. It is about 50/50. See fag hag.
I collect fairy fag boi's, I sit them up on my selves and when they need it I dust them off and put them back up. I am a fairy collector not only because I collect fairies but because they collect me as well.
by Junebug May 07, 2004
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