1 = A tedious shit retro style one hit wonder band from the late 1980`s. Know for their it "Perfect"

2 = Scummy and chavvy under 16 girls that hang around the waltzers or Dodgems for a "slice of the damp" with the Gyppo pikey lads who spin the cars or park the dogems. Allways seen wearing dirty Kappa tracksuits, knackered Reebok trainers & Elizabeth Duke jewelery.
"Fuck me Chris, look at them slappers over there sitting on the Waltzer steps!"

"Aye Jim, deffo case of fairground attraction gannin on there mate"
by Upper Class Twit 2 February 12, 2008
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The act of having wild steamy hold back your vomit double bag sex with the Carney's in a handicap Portapotty
by Bigjewcy August 23, 2017
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Lesser known thrash, hardcore punk, funk metal, groove, heavy, or hybrid genre band. Not your average metal music! Very loud, festive, driving, chaotic, intense and wild similar to stadium metal. Fairgrounds Metal is a highly nostalgic yet nearly forgotten music from the fun nights of the big rides of the 80’s-early 00’s at your state fair. As day dream inducing as any good old tunes genre and as festive and fun as mariachi, rock, honky tonk, bluegrass, etc. fairgrounds metal makes one reminisce of one’s fun times as a child, teenager, fun outing with family, or a group of friends… just all around good times (or some bad) or memories of better times which is why these tunes deserve a slang term that describes their feel or overall energy
Fairgrounds Metal. Tunes or bands along the lines of Biohazard, Pro-Pain, Metallica, Anthrax, Mordred, Judas Priest Cro-Mags, Keel, Raven, Fastway, Pissing Razors, Fear Factory, Merauder, Mudvayne etc. it’s not the genre that is described as fairgrounds Metal but rather the feel or energy a certain song or band carries
by NeonMirror November 13, 2021
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