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probably the lamest town around. filled with girls who think if you went out with someone then that means theyre legally yours forver and no one else can go out with them. which pisses the guys off becuase if your ex chick has a hott friend u cant hit it. pretty much known for weed drinking and all out partying. football teams are pretty good. soccer teams suck, basketballs not too bad but deffinatly not the best. all of the othersports no one cares about. theres some sluts. a lot of hicks rednecks, and then theres "d-bags" also known as dirt bags, most famous word in that town. if u wear sweatpants with your hair up for girls your "d-baggin it" people there stoop pretty low sometimes, bairly any girl from there actually goes for guys in that town. and the guys from there dont go for the girls there either. its a shitty town any way you look at it. its really small. they have a union highschool e=where like 5 other towns go to also. the closest mall is a half hour away and the only good store they have there is american eagle. fair haven is just an example of why vermont sucks
fair haven (vermont) person:"lets go to fair haven to get weed."
another person:"whats fair haven?"
by vermontsucksass October 12, 2008
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