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1.Any thought process that focuses on the problem and stops there. 2.Any thought process leading to self pity, or feeling like a victim. 3.Any thought process that discourages free thinking for yourself or those around you.
Statements made by those using failthink: I cant. You can't. That's impossible. I was gonna try but. Its too hard.

Johny: I was going to manifest something beautiful in this world but then I realized how big and ugly it is so I give up. Its to much to take on. And by the way, you should probably start worrying about how you are going to pay for retirement.

Sally: That's failthink Johny. Live the dream brotha. Your calenders and clocks are slave organizers. You can be or do anything this time around. Don't listen to the tv or the radio or the polititians, that's just a bunch of failthink. You know what time it really is.
by AWetdream November 27, 2009
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