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Picture this: you are hungry, your dishes are dirty, your fridge only has 1/4 carton of debatable old milk, you are down to the end pieces of bread, and you are at a loss for what to eat for dinner.... then EUREKA! You remember seeing all the ingredients for the best spaghetti dinner ever! You clean out a pot, pour some water, set it on the stove to boil, and head back to your computer and read about the upcoming zombie apocolypses, look at the latest memes, and tell everyone about your amazing spaghetti dinner coming up. You hear the water finally boil, you head to the cabinet to retrieve the noddles and find THERE ARE NO NOODLES!

Tiger: I think I am going to go make the most incredible spaghetti dinner ever!

Verb: Oh man, that sounds great. I think I hear the water boiling man. Lets get those noodles cookin'!

::Tiger wanders into the kitchen and a couple seconds later::

by LokiDoll June 04, 2012
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