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a scale represented by Failions that measures fail in all matters applied

note: failions can go into negative, as well as be represented by the metric system's notations (kili, mega, giga, et cetera)
Person 1: "How would you grade The Happening on the fail scale?"

Person 2: "About 3.5 kilifailions, what about you?"

Person 1: "I actually liked it, I'd say -7 failions."

Person 2: "You just earned a gigafailion, good job."
by iNhibotor March 20, 2009
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1) Scale in which the average person may fail.
2) Arrangement of Fails in order of least to greatest.
Fail Scale
1. Fail
2. Failure
3. Monstrous Fail
6. Planetary Fail

5. Epic Fail
6. Galactic Fail
by UnlikeCylinder May 25, 2009
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The level of failure that just occurred to a person, place or thing.
That was a 88 on the failscale.
by imdehaas October 01, 2011
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