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A person who fails colossally or is incompetent on a galactic scale , while at the same time not noticing, or, worse, thinks they're doing well.
- Sarah Palin's unending stream of media gaffs during the 2008 election campaign: Palin is such a fail clown - can you believe the answers she gave Katie Couric?

- Kim Jong-Il and the way he is always posturing about how everyone want to attack pitiful North Korea while he starves his own people: Kim Jong-Il, ever the fail clown, starves his people while issuing bizarre threats to the the rest of the world.

- Senator Larry Craig (need I say more about this?).
Fail clown Senator Larry Craig, after getting caught soliciting sex in a men's public restroom, refuses to resign after all.

- Rob Blagojevich, former governor of Illinois (ditto).

Governor Rob Blagojevich, First Fail Clown of Illinios, mounted an stunningly absurd an ineffective public defense of himself while the official impeachment proceedings were underway.
by Riposte June 20, 2009
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