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The church of Fahrealism is about being real, fahreal.

I. in Fahrealism, its all about keepin it real, Fahreal we don't drink the hateraide

II spreading your love for Fahrealism is as easy as muttering the word Fahreal, when there's no other interjection that seems as appropriate.

III The esteemed R Kelly can break it down for you if you watch trapped in the closet

IV even more-so if you watch the commentary

V though we don't drink the hater-aide, there are some things that are just unacceptable and will be excommunicated from the church, ie. bros.

VI bigfoot=Fahreal

VII if ever you are at a loss for your Fahrealist bible, its quite easy to come upon a suppliment called Vice Magazine that is in any Fahrealist's good grace

VIII having fun= Fahreal

IX working = not Fahreal (although getting paid is Fahreal)
by Taylur September 04, 2007
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