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Brooke Candy (Music artist) is trying to take the word β€œfag” which is used as a negative word and turn it into a word what wont hurt people for their sexuality. Fag mob is also the name she associates with her fans.
"I'm reppin fagmob"

in simple terms.

"I am a big fan of Brooke Candy, and therefore associate myself as a FAGMOB"

lady gaga has her "monsters" and Nicki Minaj has her "barbz"

Brooke Candy has her "Fagmob"
by ladyunluck13 November 03, 2013
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1. a European based graffiti crew with queer / anarchist and anti-assimilationist leanings

2. what Brooke Candy (music artist) calls her fans as part of a campaign to reappropriate the anti-gay slur
1. "Mate, did you see that amazing fagmob piece on the side of the cop shop? How did they not get caught!"
"I've been seeing that fagmob tag in coffee shop bathrooms everywhere for years now! They really get up! Must be some ballsy kids!"

2. "I got a FAGMOB shirt at the last Brooke Candy show!"
"Gee, I wonder if Brooke Candy got the name for her fanclub off a coffee shop wall? Her FagMob doesn't seem to stand for the same radical anti-cultural appropriation and anarchist stuff of the original graf crew... Oh well- good beats though even if she copies! Is she gay?"
by ghostwiththemost January 03, 2019
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