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vt. - To completely dominate and/or thoroughly eviscerate someone in some means of competition, usually video games. See also pwn.

n. - One who is on the receiving end of a consequent facehump. To be completely embarrassed from the actions taken in some means of competition, that some have to wonder if there is a severe mental deficiency or a considerable physical limitation that caused the facehumpage in the first place.

Because, you just don't facehump retarded people or the elderly. It would be fuckin' funny, but sooooo wrong...

Background: Imagine someone making a humping motion with their groin. Insert face at hump. There ya go.
"Man, you just got FACEHUMPED!"
"No, I didn't!"
"Dude, look at the score. 16-1. Total facehumpage."
"Yeah, well, I did your mom last night! And, I really DID facehump her! OWNED!"
"...Dude, my mom died last night. From suffocation."
"R-really? I'm sorry, bro..."
"HAH! Just kidding! Yet again, FACEHUMPED!"
"Dude, you're an ass."
by harryman712 April 12, 2005
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