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People you don't really talk to on facebook, but you just keep in there to increase your volume of friends.
example 1:
"Hot woman on your wall there, bud..."

"Yeah, she's nice.
Oh wow, I haven't talked to her in... a year now.
Hmmm, I guess she's just a facebook filler."

example 2:
"Wow, 974 facebook friends, hey?
Mostly facebook fillers, I presume?"
by passdaDutchy June 29, 2010
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The rise of Facebook terms on Urban Dictionary replacing actual inventive wordplay.
6 March
Flapping - Ignoring a friends request.

7 March
Pic-y - Being very choosey about you will date according to how hot they are in the Profile Pic.

8 March
Throwback - When Facebook is slow and blah blah blah

"Ahh man, Facebook Filler"
by Helicopter Vagina June 22, 2011
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