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The suspension of time when you are on facebook. You may think you've been on for 5 minutes, but when you look at the clock you realize it's been 2 hours. You've been sucked into the facebook vortex.
Sorry I didn't call you- I got on facebook at 8, and got sucked into the facebook vortex! Next thing I knew it was 11!

I haven't heard from her in days, but I've seen a lot of her posts- she must have been sucked into the facebook vortex!
by catuzcat May 16, 2010
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1. a place in Facebook, created by the human mind, where "late" messages, and notifications are sucked into, resulting in delayed arrival. The subconscious mind creates this to make an excuse for forgetting to reply, for lack of attention, and for flat out ignoring someone on Facebook.

2. an actual place in Facebook where messages and notifications are sucked into causing delayed arrival.
**** This is an unexplained and *RARE* phenomenon****
1.Mitch: July 20 at 12:39pm
hey we still gonna hang saturday? :)

Marie: July 25 at 1:34pm
i JUST got this! SO sorry!
it would'nt have worked anyways, i was busyyyyy

Mitch: July 25 at 1:41pm
i saw you on chat the last couple days. it's like it got sucked into a Facebook Vortex or something.

Marie: July 25 at 1:56pm
i KNOW! fucked up, eh?

2."What the hell???? She commented on this TWO fucking days ago! It's like it got trapped in a Facebook Vortex or some shit."
by mitchmatsch July 25, 2011
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