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One who uses facebook to convert or attempt to convert others as a proselyte in one's own religious faith or one's own political party, or to espouse one's doctrine.; One who recruits for conversion (a person) from one belief, doctrine, cause, or faith to another.; a royal douchebag; Also, especially British, face⋅book pros⋅e⋅lyt⋅iz⋅er.

verb- "facebook proselytize"
Facebook Proselytizer- (status in news feed on Monday) "Hey all of you on my friends list... Healthcare reform is bad for our country! So much for global warming?!?!? The weather is fine! We are one step closer to overturning Roe vs. Wade! Yadda, yadda, yadda..."

Facebook Proselytizer- (status in news feed on Tuesday) "Ye must be born again!"

Facebook Proselytizer- (status in news feed on Wednesday) "The governor is a scumbag for blah blah blah"

Someone sane on the facebook proselytizer's friend list- "Man, what a douche!?!? Let's see... where's that person... Ah hah! There they are." *clicks the x to remove the facebook proselytizer from friend list* "That's much better."
by TertiaryColors July 20, 2009
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