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The common practice of displaying exceedingly attractive pictures of oneself on facebook or other online community; the pictures are often disproportionately flattering compared to the individual’s looks in real life.
Jeff agrees to meet Debbie after a month of online chatting. He's mostly motivated by her smoking hot online pictures. When they finally meet, she has 3 teeth (2 in her pocket) and an Adam's apple. She had obviously been putting her facebook forward.
by I Zineh February 21, 2008
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when hot gurls on facebook turnout to be ugly ass in life.
dees cheek online on the face-book. i has seen her after jacking to her hot profil pics. denn ey eez like "lets hang out beetch." and shes like yup. then i bang her place and shes looking like whuuu? looked like my grandmas dog. omg. It Turns Out She Had Made herself facebook forward.
by my dick is mini June 02, 2010
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