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1. A Facebook user who has to check his/her Facebook so much, it gets in the way of their personal life. 2. A Facebook user who uses their profile as a public journal for their minute by minute feelings/actions.
1. "Bob is such a Facebook crackhead! He got fired from the internet cafe for pissing in a cup and serving it to someone all because he wanted a funny status to put on Facebook!"

2. Joe got pissed that Sally keyed his car so being the Facebook crackhead he is, he went on Facebook and posted this on his profile for all to see: "I hope that bitch Sally f$%#ing rots in hell for what she did to my Corvette! Sally had fake boobs and a tattoo on her ass that says 'Stick two fingers in here'. She also puts out after 5 drinks."
by 5h1ft634r2 November 23, 2010
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