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Cross between Fabricated and Conundrum. Something spoken used in conversation, or a type of situation that was fabricated by a person with the intent to confuse. Usually used as a response from a guilty party. Other times can be used to place a conversation (where a person can confuse) in order to receive information they wouldn't otherwise.
1. Fabriconundrum used as an excuse: I wasn't able to pick you up because my baby's daddy's cousin's neighbor had something wrong with his computer and he's writing a book and I was the only person who knew how to fix it because it used to be my computer.

2. Fabriconundrum used to place blame on another person where they were to guilty to want the other person to actually get in trouble: It wasn't me who spillled the was her, but she didn't realize she had spilled it, and I didn't tell her she spilled it, and I forgot to tell you she spilled it. (coffee stain was noticed 2 days after the fact.)
by Eweeeece December 01, 2010
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