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Damnit! I knew my name wont be defined - F.U (my initials btw:P)
well anyway, i guess i'm random, weird with absolutely awesome eyesight! Oh and most probably asian, or arab if not then your looking at wrong spelling, probs =) cya x
My own name is Faathimah so it's hard to explain myself buuuuut..... My friends always say i'm random and I guess I am cos I talk abt random stuff and stuff. I'm weird cos.. Well everyones weird tbh... But I guess I'm like the weirdo of our.. Um group? Yh? And well i'm kinda one that doesn't wear glasses or has glasses in the group too, and i'm kinda suprised cos I thought my eyes would be really damaged by now cos I read in the dark and have my phone on so bright in the dark too so... Well yh.. So yh I guess that's it but idk xx oh and thanks for reading my boring selfs self cos I know I'm not even interesting lol ;)
by Fire;) October 10, 2013
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