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Relatively rare Dutch insult. To be used when regular insults just don't cut it. Literally it translates to 'fail-hare'. The combination of the two words is as unexpected in Dutch as in English and that's also why it's so effective. When used, victims (and possible bystanders) show signs of disbelief, confusion, shock, but also awe. Victim will not know how to respond - especially in a group - and you can be on your way leaving behind a longlasting silence and apathy in the victim.

It is especially effective in self defense, e.g. when someone intimidates you, or tries to make fun of you. But lately, it's being used more and more as a substitution for the classic "FAIL!" when someone messes up. In any case, timing and intonation are key here.
Tough guy wants to show off to his friends. As you walk by, he bumps into you and says: ""What's yo problem? What you lookin' at foool?!" Slowly turn your upper body towards him, and when you have everybody's attention, speak in a calm, confident voice: "Faalhaas". Turn around, walk away (not too fast) and don't look back.
by cor9 March 03, 2014
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