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To f5 something, is to exploit a weakness in a system that is so menial and stupidly pathetic, that the victim of the attick should be put in prison, as opposed to the perpetraitor.crashing hacking
Oh heh. I just F5'd babblers again.
by Miyabi July 11, 2003
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As creator of this term I can say the above is very accurate indeed.

A further explanation would be to exploit a weakness that as stated is so mind numbingly pathetic the victim should be shot.

Also the phrase "j00 h4v3 b33|V EPH PH1V3D (TBH) WTFL0L!!11one" is used to emphasise the fact that the exploit is so insanely easy, a 12 year old counterstrike player could do it.

Technical reasons: It involves sending far too many requests. It's effectively a denial of service... just a very VERY dumb one which originated on
see above for this l33t hax0ring genious.
by Snafu- December 21, 2003
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