Abbreviation for funny as fuck, but if you don't have a life, it means fit as fuck.
faf, ronins a retard
by child_ray_psst August 16, 2020
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stands for Fake Ass Friend slang made up by Madison Jin Cho
Chris Han is a faf.
by Skinny Legend 4Ever March 13, 2019
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"Are you wearing a top hat? Oh my god cunt you are FaF!!!
by MaccaGoodJobCowboy March 17, 2017
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faf stands for fake ass friend or fake ass fan.

popular in california
He told me he wasn’t going to the party, but he’s there right now. What a faf!
by livlily September 03, 2019
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Acronym for Full As Fuck, especially after having something particularly delicious.
I had some fried rice and eggs, I'm FAF
via giphy
by Penguin #2 September 10, 2018
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Meaning: Fake As Fuck
A term meaning that someone is not real (fake) and their back stabbers and will talk crap behind your back. They will also believe others more than the person that means the most to them.
Brandon is being Fake As Fuck.

He's such a back stabber, he's FAF. fake af backstabber self-centered jerk immature
by Twilight tilly December 10, 2015
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