FAF,the act of using an internet chat forum

After a brief moment of clarity one night on the Channel 4 Big Brother Forum (a rare phenomenon indeed) some one said we are ADDICTED to this forum...we are forum addicts.... FORUM ADDICTS FOREVER.......and so FAF was born and dedicated to the hardy folk of foruming.
FAFfer-forum user
Multi FAFfing-using more than one forum simultaneously.
by Beware of the loons May 11, 2006
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this word means "funny as fuck", a new common word people use instead of "lol". -Jonathan made it up =)
"Omfg, that was faf yesterday!!"
by Marissa Marie October 24, 2008
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Fine as Fuck: A name given to either female or male to describe an individual who is extremely good looking; hot to the highest power.
Bob: "Daaaamn! See that chick over there?"
Bill: "Hellllz yes! She's FAF!"
by Miss Libby May 01, 2008
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Acronym for Fatal Anime Fantard Syndrome.

Symptoms may include
1. Obsession over said Anime.
2. Continuance of Poorly (or well done) fan art of said Anime
3. Cosplay of cast from said Anime.
4. Annoyance of anyone within 10 feet of the infected individual.

If cured from FAFS the victim may suffer from
1. Loss of friends.
2. Loss or gain of weight.
3. Loss of Charisma.
4. Unfunctioning member of society.

Anime that may spread FAFS
1. Inu-Yasha
2. Full Metal Alchemist
3. Gravitation
1. Eww, Peter, don't touch that man he has FAFS.

2. I heared when Sally saw Inu-Yasha, she was rejected from her closest friends because they wanted to stay clear of FAFS.

3. "Remember kids. Don't date people with FAFS."
by Hultsimer April 09, 2006
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Someone who messes around doing a lot of activity and takes a long time to get job done
Instead of fafing around, I'll get an expert to fix it
by Julian May 08, 2003
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Faf means "funny as fuck." Usually used on online chat sites when something is funnier than lol or lmao.
Guy: Faf!!!!
Girl: I know, it was histarical when she tripped.
by kiwitiwi33 June 21, 2006
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