Fit As F*ck

when sum1 is soooooo fit
"Omg , dat guy iz sooooooo faf!"
by liz May 06, 2005
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This basically means Fake Ass Friend. You know like Fake, like a bitch who always talks behind yo homies back? yeah, but this is a friend that is a bitch for talking behind yo back. it doesn't have to be a bad thing behind your back, it could be like talking to a friend that they have that hasn't been introduced to you or talking to your friend and they don't even tell you that they are talking to your friend. that is a FAF. a fake ass friend doing something you don't want them to be doin.
Girl: Hey did you hear that david went to the mall with emily?
boy: and didn't invite us?!?!?
Girl: yeah she's a total bitch hoe FAF for not inviting us.
by fricken cool dude January 07, 2014
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Dude, did you see Amy tonight? She was looking FAF
by nom8 September 17, 2013
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1. FAT ASS FINGERS: a name given to one because of their hilariously oversized, sausage-like fingers

2. Acting in a way that just fucks up the situation.
Extremely popular in the Buffalo suburbs.
Fafs are often seen in pictures giving the shocker.
Note: despite the fingers, fafs still manage to get laid.
"Dude, get your fafs out of my drink"

As the faf drives by a hot girls house, he points out the window with the fafs yelling, 'yo, is that her house' As this happens the girl walks outside thus embarrassing everyone in the car. He has committed a faf, or we say he faf'd it up.

Also common is the faf of the night. This occurs when one drops a beer, soils themself, gets their fake id taken or any other fuck up.
by lockport April 06, 2005
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When you say someone/something is 'Fit As Fuck'

*Can sometimes be mistaken by Fat As Fuck, Beware!*
#1: "Hes FAF!"
#2: "Yeh He's FAF, And I don't mean Fit."
#1: "Hahaha! Yeh Innit."
by Roo777 August 16, 2006
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