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Continuing the highly commendable tradition of other 'f truncations', such as f-ilarious and f-unlucky, 'f-athetic' is generally used as an adjective, or as an adverb 'f-athetically'. It can be used by itself as a cutting insult or as an expression of extreme annoyance.
It is of course an amalgamation of the words 'fucking' and 'pathetic', used when time and utter condemnation is of the essence.
'F-athetic' ought to be reserved for instances where the utmost scorn must be poured on whoever or whatever has been singled out for this most harsh of criticisms.
1. The Clifton has been turned into a trendy wine-bar? F-athetic.

2. NME would do ANYTHING, literally ANYTHING, for an exclusive interview with Franz Ferdinand. It's absolutely f-athetic.

3. Political correctness is destroying this country, you just can't speak your mind anymore. It's f-athetic.

4. The 'gang wars' of the UK Garage scene (for reference see Stay Locked On), are f-athetic.
by Boxman August 04, 2005
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