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the act of using the eyes when a teacher, boss or parent is looking to cause the target to think you are working when actually you are thinking of nothiness.
parent looks at boy.
mum: are you doing your english?
boy: traces sight blankly over page and replys: yes mother
mum: (re-enforced by eye service): ok, good boy
parent leaves, boy/girl continues facebooking
by banterbus31 November 17, 2009
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When an employee pretends to be working hard only when his boss is watching. Basically, he starts working only when the boss comes walking by..
Jim had the ultimate sinecure. As a call center worker for a company that more resembled the governmental bureaucracy than a competitive firm, he got to play Yahoo Checkers all day, and whenever his boss came by he switched to eyeservice mode, quickly pressing alt+tab and staring at a spreadsheet, while saying "Hmmm... we've logged 37% today and ... uhh... oh hi Sir, I hope you're having a splendid day!"

Boss: "why I'm doing fine. Thank you. And how are those call logs coming a long?"

Employee: "Oh, they're pretty good. My rankin...I mean my sorting algorithm works fine now."

Boss: "Great, well, I'll see you around then. "

Employee: "See you around.... *alt+tab* (mumbling) ... dammit I'm outta time and my ranking went down to 1370.. "

by Adel7 August 27, 2007
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