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extreme tag is the god of all tag games. to play youll need 5-9 people,mabe more dprendig on the group. first you choose the tager by playing

bubble-gum-bubble-gum-in-a-dish. the person who wins that is it, to play extreme tag no soft touches are allowed, only kicks, punchs, body slams, and nut punchs are allowed.also say tag when you attack someone. To make someone it you do one of the above, and also tag backs are allowed. tis is the game of pain often called convict tag.You can even throw certain objects, like books, shoes, and even heavy objects. the winner of the game is the one who isnt on the floor screaming in pain like alittle girl. cuation may cuase bruising, pain in arms, legs, groin, and chest...NO FACE SHOTS ALLOWED.
shit my arm , leg and chest hurt like balls man. why? dude i played extreme tage with the train and rocky yesterday!holy shit man you lucky your not dead!
by frozenrelic2 December 06, 2010
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