Aside from skiing on regular slopes such as beginner, intermediate, or advanced slopes, or most of you may know them as green circles, blue squares, and black diamonds. There is however a higher level of skiing that most people do not often talk about it is called, "Extreme Skiing." Extreme Skiing is an extremely (excuse the pun) dangerous sport the reason for this is because the slopes have unmarked trees, roots, rocks, and even cliffs that could range anywhere from 3-5 feet to as big as a 210 foot cliff. An extreme skier is someone who puts his life on the line for pure exeleration purposes only! DO NOT TRY EXTREME SKIING UNLESS YOU ARE AN EXPERT SKIER AND YOU ARE WILLING TO TAKE YOUR OWN LIFE IN YOUR HANDS SKIING! However, if you are an expert skier and are willing to risk your life I would say go for it because it is a lot fun just be careful on the slopes!
go to youtube and type in "extreme ski" , "extreme skiing" , or " extreme snowboarding". Skiing takes a life time to master and some have even gave their own lives to the sport. So just remember that ANYONE who is on the extreme slopes is putting their own life at risk. Even an olympic skier like Shane Mcconkey died extreme skiing, Shane was with out a doubt one of the best skiers of all time and even he lost his life. BE CAREFUL!
by ThrillSeeker/ExtremeSkier December 21, 2011