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Extreme note passing is when a group of students, Three or more, who are in a class and sit very close to each other pass notes.There is ususally one big sheet which the student write on as they pass the piece of paper back and forth to pass the time of a boring class(excluding Gym). It is quite common during extreme note passing, for a teacher to burst through a door or some other kind of barrier, perhaps a wall at times, and yell out random phrases or violently yell at the students. It is customary to quietly say "extreme note passing" as one student passes/recieves the note to/from another student.
As Trevor perfromed an extreme note passing process, he passed an extreme note to Sarah, shortly after this Mr.Turpin burst through the wall and yelled out. X-BOX TOURNAAMENT GUYS!
by Femi the greatest September 29, 2006
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