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making the jc scene trendy... thats all we need is another fucking trend. soon it will be the extreme vegan straightedge christian but not really doom squad. get a life and just enjoy the fucking music.
extreme doom squad sucks.
by nigga ted April 03, 2005
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EDS is also known as the ever present but often overlooked Extreme Down Syndrome. Its been a myth to many over the past few years but it has shown itself in a new light as of late in the form of a bunch of no life, wannabe, fatass, emo losers who can't get a real job and have to masterbate to pictures of mom on prom night because they can't get a date and pretend to slit their wrists to be cool. In otherwords they are a bunch of followers who just have no true friends but their "online" ones and feel the need to fall into a clique and can't conform to society because it is bad for them, or maybe its just the fact that they have been spoiled all their life and don't know what it has taken over the years to keep their no-use, sorry asses alive as they grew up in the shit-hole they call a home. But I wouldn't consider a cardboard box behind "fuzzy Hole's" a home either.
The one they call tubz0r
by T3rd_F3rgus0n_teh_pr0nz0r March 27, 2005
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The most Queer, ass-nagging slut-fucking sons of bitches that have ever had the audacity to call themselves humans. These are the type of poser-ass emo pieces of shit that arent worth the gunpowder it would take to end their worthless lives and make the world a better place. They should be strung up and forced to watch everyone they ever truly loved be brutally raped and tortured to death before having the same done to them.
extreme doom squad people should have their asses forcibly fornicated by large pieces of spiked metal.
by bob vila March 14, 2005
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