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An extravagant display of junk mail extolling the benefits of Viagra, hoodia and the Atkins Diet mixed in with an assortment of cheap corporate holiday e-cards, dating site registration forms, emails that if not sent kill you and ceaseless instalments of your varsity newsletter.

Exspamaganzas occur most often after prolonged vacations, hacking and the issuing of your email address to random, though often good-looking, promotions personnel.
Ohmigosh, I made the mistake of giving Date-A-Mate my email address and now whenever I hit refresh it’s an exspamaganza.

Dude, you need to put a junk filter on your mail account otherwise when you sign in after Easter Break you're in for a total exspamaganza!
by Marth Vaderrr March 08, 2011
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