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An intense and emotional outpouring of frustration followed by an overwhelming sense of anger aroused by something perceived as an indignity, notably an offense or injustice; A self-righteous anger or disgust.

Derived from the french term 'exque' or 'esque' meaning in the style or manner of; appended to nouns, especially proper nouns, and forming adjectives.

The term 'biate' is a collative contemporary reference to the latin term 'rattus faex'; actualised as a noun, processual verb, or adjective as described in this situation.
Exquebiated is the feeling or emotional response one gets from stepping in dog faeces...not realising and then walking it through ones house...this feeling can be intensified if ones house is carpeted.

I feel, I am, I was, This made me...exquebiated.
by iliketomatosauce October 29, 2009
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