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A shot gun like explotion of anal juice/fluid coming out at high speeds straight to the wall and your pants. Also your mother will kick your ass for doing this.
Shazam look he flew out of the toilet like he just had explosive diaheria and it went threw my pants and my face and my wall and your mom and your dad and posibly that retard down the street.
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1. Unpredictable bowel movement usually accompanied by fierce groans.

--Almost always leaves your toilet in a state of no return.

--You will find yourself bracing your body against anything possible to put up a fight.

2. Eerie fluid that explodes out of your anus as if propelled by small amounts of C4. After effects include watery eyes and sighs of relief. Odors linger for hours.
When you have to poop so bad you can't even run to the toilet in fear of blowing out your britches. (It is recommended to take slow, small steps in precaution of explosive diaheria.)

When you finally get to the toilet, you may hesitate for a few seconds in fear of the explosive diaheria.

-Our bathroom will never be the same because of your repulsive, explosive diaheria. Fu*k, it smells like butt in here.
by El Platapi May 05, 2009
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