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the act of waiting for a minor character floor or slip-up to arise to justify being angery at an entity allowing you to publicly judge and socially 'hanging them' without social ramifications being passed on to the hanger.

This normally exhibits an exageration of the facts and feelings involved and an implimentation of the moral high ground so to be viewed as the 'bigger person' where as the real reason normally conists of the resonance with the angree's insicurites normally repressent by the stead fast alligning with the causes and the transference of responcibility to a higher power.
example of use:
1.judger: "look i can't just sit here while he treats every one like shit."
friend: "excuses for big nooses."
1.example of transference:
judger: "look it not up to me, what happens happens, the group will de side."
by taskmaster September 21, 2009
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