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Integral heterosexuality and/or integral homosexuality. A persons with an exclusivist sexual orientation unavoidably rejects somobody. The exclusivist hetero rejects people of his or her own gender, the exclusivist homo rejects persons of the opposite gender. Exclusivist sexual orientation is what radical hetero and radical homo have in common. It opposes itself to bisexuality which has the non-exclusivist asset of being a sexual attraction towards absolutely everyone.
Bisexuality is often assimilated to one of the two main exclusivist sexual orientations (hetero and/or homo). That is not accurate. Bisexuality stands on its own as a complete third option. That is why, to a bisexual, the homo and the hetero radicality look sometimes like the two mirror image of the same crisis.
by Ysengrim January 02, 2004
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