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The guy that will kick the troll Vdubbn ass. Vdubbn is a crying little baby that can't take a dose of his own medicine. Vdubbn masterbates to John kerry ads and licks his own mother dirty fithy cunt hole. I can smell Vdubbn mothers cunt from here. Who's your daddy bitch? That's right whos your daddy? You know who your daddy is it's me you know why I'm your daddy because I fucked you whore of a mother. I fucked her mouth it was so sweat! Do you swallow like your mother bitch? Ha do you swallow like your mother you fucker! GO cry like alittle baby keep it up shit stain!
Exceltoexcel just made the shit stain vdubbn cry.
by exceltoexcel February 01, 2005
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