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Someone who can do kick-ass shit in Microsoft Excel.
Dude, if you want your spreadsheet to do a bunch of calculations, automatically turn different colors, have drop down boxes, and summarize using a pivot table we're going to need to find ourselves an Excel Jockey.
by TrickyDix July 08, 2014
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A cost nerd who can do nothing but run pivot tables and conditional formatting but has no real-world experience. Meanwhile, in meetings, he or she explains to the experienced crowd about how they did everything wrong and how none of it can work. The crowd is in complete silenced baffled by the stupidity.
Bill-"Nathan ran 6 pivot tables with graphs on the projector and overtook meeting." Susan- "Nathan is nothing but a God-DAMN Excel Jockey and doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. The hole is probably smarter"
by The Dude of the Stupid August 10, 2018
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