A term coined by gay activist and author Wayne Besen to bring attention to the trend that those who profess to have been "cured" of their homosexuality often make their livelihood doing so. Once an individual has built a livelihood around claiming they've gone from gay to straight, should that person ever come to the realization they infact have NOT changed, they are far less likely to admit it for financial reasons.

Most major ex-gay organizations are headed by individuals who often make wild claims about going from totally gay to totally straight while lower ranked employees tend to profess less dramatic stories.
John Paulk who served on Focus On The Family's board of directors and appeared on the cover of Newsweek was very much ex-gay for pay until he was caught in a gay bar in Washington DC.

by Daniel S. Gonzales September 18, 2006
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A derisive term made-up by gay activists to try justify why ex-gays exist when gays claim change is not possible.
Wayne Beson created the term "ex-gay for pay" because he hates ex-gays and will say anything to explain away their existence.
by RealDefinition June 13, 2007
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